Construction materials used for Bridges

Construction material Timber

Bridges are most commonly constructed using timber, steel and stone. The materials used in the construction of bridges are more durable and long lasting.Bridges are the most admired pieces of architecture and below listed are the material used in the construction of bridges.

  •  Stone : Stone is the oldest material used in the construction of bridges, as it is erosion resistant. Granite and limestone don’t require any maintenance and they last for longer span of time. Stone is very heavy and is mostly used in the construction of the base and the piers of the bridge. The great Roman bridges were constructed using stones and were durable. In England, stone beam bridges are also known as clapper.
  •  Timber: Timber bridges are nowadays used to carry pedestrians, and these bridges should be prevented from water. In earlier days, many bridges were built using the wood, but the wooden bridge cannot be long span bridges due to its limited size. Wood grows in many forms which include light weight, heavy logs and iron wood. Prior to the construction, woods have to be dried so that all the water cells are drained.
  •  Steel : Among all the materials used for constructing bridge, steel has the highest durability. Steel is used in excess to built a bridge, as it spans for  huge miles and is a material of high strength. It is 90 times stronger than concrete, but also requires regular maintenance. The steel bridges are painted on regular basis for maintaining its appearance. A type of steel is very often used in the construction of cable-stayed bridge.
  •  Concrete : Concrete is one of the most important materials in the construction of the bridge, as it is long lasting and affordable. Although it has weak characteristics in terms of sea water and erosion. It can also be shaped very well and can be efficiently placed with bars of steel.
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